CZECH INTERPRETER & TRANSLATOR in Kromeriz  Zlin  Olomouc  Brno

Interpreting Czech - English (from 5,000 CZK per day)

I am a native speaker of Czech and I have been working as a professional interpreter from Czech to English and vice versa since 1998 when I was appointed a court interpreter for the Czech and English language by the Regional Court in Brno. I provide the following types of interpreting:

I always guarantee the utmost confidentiality and high quality of interpretation.

Most often I interpret at business meetings, court proceedings, notarial meetings, general meetings, before state and local authorities, police, at exhibitions and fairs, trainings and seminars, during international audits in companies.
When interpreting, I do not summarize the content "somehow" in my own words, but I say exactly what the speaker says, including the tone of their speech and emotional charge.

Business meetings usually take place in the form of a one-day or two-day business trip to Czech Republic. If you need to negotiate a deal in the Czech Republic, we can talk to your Czech partner via an interpreted conference call, pre-negotiate the main points, set the date, and then you can set out on the road or book your flight. If you want to save time and money, we can make a video conference call via Skype or WhatsApp. Such videoconferencing may take several hours or just a few minutes – the great advantage of short telephone interpreting is that you pay the interpreter by the minute. So, unless your personal presence is required, you will not only save fuel and time associated with a long trip abroad, but you will pay only a fraction of the daily rate for interpreting abroad.

I am very flexible time-wise – I interpret also on weekends and national holidays.

Rates for interpreting

The basic daily (eight-hour) rate is 5,000 CZK for regular interpreting, 6,000 CZK for court-certified interpreting.

The price of an interpreting assignment depends on how demanding it is + whether it is a court interpreting. Do not hesitate to contact me for a free quote – I will need to know the length of the interpreting and also the time needed for preparation, studying the materials.

The price is lower when it comes to casual interpreting, e.g. during a walk in the Kromeriz Flower Garden, and higher when it comes to interpreting at a court hearing or simultaneous interpretation of a medical conference for hundreds of people. Also wedding ceremonies with poetic speeches filled with quotations by famous authors require many hours of preparation in contrast to interpreting at a traffic accident.
Interpreting on journeys through the Czech Republic is charged at a flat rate per day.
Regular customers get a discount.

How can you contribute to a successful interpreting?

A professional interpreter must perfectly master the foreign language, respect confidentiality and privacy of all parties, have in-depth knowledge of social habits in the given country, have a great sense of language, good memory, good hearing, patience, be able to fully concentrate and, of course, be polite, respectful and tactful.

Interpreting into Czech

I provide interpreting services in the following Czech town and cities: Zlin, Kromeriz, Uherske Hradiste, Otrokovice, Holesov, Bystrice pod Hostynem, Vyskov, Brno, Prerov, Prostejov, Olomouc, Prague.